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Difference in dating between SF, CA and NY New York - Yelp We caught up with the actress—en route to a AYA CASH: I think a lot has been said about how they are terrible, but I think the point is that they are human and yes, they are narcissistic and they’re self-destructive and judgmental at times, but they also represent the sides of ourselves that are usually not represented on TV in the name of quote unquote likeability, which I think is one of the most overused and useless words. Try dating in Los Angeles if you want a good kick in the ass. I've lived in both cities and while I find it easier to meet people in New York, I think it's harder to.

Aya Cash Gets Real About Dating Culture and the NYC vs. LA Battle Everyone has a dark side to himself or herself, and pretending they don’t is a problem in this culture. Sep 9, 2015. A hilarious conversation with the You're the Worst star.

NY vs LA The Dating Scene - Dirty and Thirty Romantic comedies are as formulaic as they come: Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy disappoints girl, boy makes up for it with out-of-this-world gesture, boy and girl live happily ever after. Instead, it’s the sloppy, sometimes dark, and totally relatable version of love—just the way we like it. It was the strangest thing to me when I first moved to Los Angeles and I found so many people running through canyons, streets. NY vs LA The Dating Scene;

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